VietTESOL Massive Open Online Courses (VMOOCs)

VietTESOL Massive Open Online Courses (VMOOCs)

VietTESOL Massive Open Online Courses (VMOOCs)

VietTESOL Massive Open Online Courses (VMOOCs) is VietTESOL Association’s professional develoment project that provides Vietnamese English language teachers with high-quality facilitated courses. The goal is to help the participants develop English language teaching knowledge and skills, enhance their language competency as well as promote teacher autonomy in professional development. We expect to build a community where teachers support teachers and fair opportunities for professional development are provided for everyone, regardless of geographic factors.

Three main targets of VMOOCs include: 

  1. Providing high-quality facilitated massive online courses for teachers, especially those in remote areas and lacking professional development opportunities  
  2. Enhancing teacher linguistic competencies through learning materials, interaction with facilitators and experts as well as discussions with their peers.  
  3. Introducing teachers to a network where they can learn, share, and help each other.

VMOOCs team consists of 1 leader and 3 teams including: Quality Management, Communication and PR, and Technical Support, each of which is under the responsibility of one team leader and consists of other members. These roles are interchangeable after each batch so that every member is equally empowered.

Core members:

  1. Nguyen Thi Bich Tram – Founder/ Course Leader

Talkin English Online Learning System

  1. Nguyen Thi Huong – Board of Advisors

Hanoi University of Industry

  1. Le Thi Hong Duyen - Board of Advisors

University of Languages and International Studies

  1. Le Thuy Duong – Board of Advisors

Regional English Language Office

  1. Vu Thanh Loan – Team Leader


  1. Nguyen Van Thinh - Team Leader

Hai Phong University

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