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VietTESOl OPEN Support Team Reaches out to English Teachers in Hai Duong Province

On March 11, OPEN Support Team under VietTESOL organized the first workshop series in Hai Duong province within the framework of OPEN OUTREACH project sponsored by RELO Vietnam.

Attending the workshops were representatives from Hai Duong Department of Education and Training, RELO Vietnam, VietTESOL Association, OPEN OUTREACH project coordinators, trainers and nearly 100 K12 English teachers currently teaching at public schools in Hai Duong.

Workshop 1: Teaching Grammar Communicatively

Workshop 2: Using Educational Technology in the ESL Classroom

The first 2 workshops implemented are: Teaching Grammar Communicatively and Using Educational Technology in the ESL Classroom. At these 2 workshops, K12 teachers had access to valuable knowledge from the OPEN program to apply to their teaching and professional development. Teachers also questioned trainers and facilitators about the U.S. government's OPEN scholarship program. Besides, Mr. Le Thanh Cuong, from Hai Duong Department of Education and Training hoped that RELO Vietnam and VietTESOL would deploy many similar training activities in Hai Duong province.

At the end of the workshops, the participants shared their positive feedback about the workshops’ content and the excellent performance of the trainers and organizers. They believe that they will effectively apply what they have learnt into their daily teaching contexts.

Teachers participating in the workshop received a certificate issued by RELO Vietnam and VietTESOL for their successful completion of training workshops.



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